The IntelliLearn® model for learning excellence works in your job, home, and school, for anyone from three to ninety-three! Our research and training seminars prove that anyone can learn more in less time with increased memory and achievement. In today’s society and economy, a lifetime of continual learning is crucial. The majority of schools and corporations do not effectively teach people HOW to learn or “how they learn best!” By applying the award winning IntelliLearn® model, your effectiveness and your organization’s efficiency will skyrocket!

IntelliLearn® is a system which uses learning to enhance the quality of life. It incorporates strategies, tactics, tools and core values to enable teachers, trainers and administrators to use this system in their day to day activities. It also embodies a teaching philosophy and method structured to prepare students and workers to become lifelong learners, empowered to utilize their innate strengths and learning styles.

Our training seminars, consulting services and products, are delivered to the public and the private sector through two entities:

The National Academy of Integrative Learning, Inc. (NAIL) is a nonprofit organization (501C3) that works with students from pre-kindergarten to graduate school (including home school students!) to increase their learning capacity. To learn more about how NAIL’s services can improve your child’s improvement for learning or your school’s effectiveness, click here. The research that supports this model was validated by the New York State Department of Education. Learn how to obtain grants and training for your school and community. Graduate credit is available for all courses and seminars. If you have locksmith needs, we strongly recommend Mountlake Terrace Locksmith.

Integrative Learning Systems, Inc.
(ILS) conducts on-site training seminars and consulting services to greatly increase your employees’ capacity to produce more for your bottom line! Major corporations, including Xerox, Sara Lee, Kodak, Intel, Gulfstream Aerospace, the US Air Force, the US Dept. of Energy and Shell Petroleum have used the ILS model to dramatically increase their performance, simply because we taught their employees how to learn more in less time! For example, Eastman Kodak saved 20 million dollars. ILS is one of many corporate sponsors of the nonprofit NAIL, which serves children in schools from Harlem to the Medical College of Georgia. To read more about the ways ILS can implement the ILS IntelliLearn® model in your organization, click here.

Research and Publications

Numerous journals have published about the IntelliLearn® model ranging from Forbes to Family Circle magazine and the Journal of School Administrators.

Dr. Laurence Martel, President and Founder, former N.Y. State commissioner; college trustee; faculty member at Syracuse University, Penn State, Antioch University, Cambrige College, consultant to: Disney, Shell Petroleum, Kodak, and Sandia National Labs.
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